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Idea, management
Design, layout
Alexander Barabash
Olga Simonova
Olga Dyuzhenko
Who we are
We are Palex, a small LSP from Siberia. Our fellow workers have seen a lot during the past decade and a half. And we would like to share our experience with our colleagues from other translation companies. We hope you will recognize yourselves in these articles and our stories and words of advice will make your everyday work easier.
Dina Tokmasheva
Our authors
Alexander Barabash
Team Leader
Manager with translation background. Knows everything about linguistic quality management; will make sure that localization process is set up to make profit while keeping clients happy.
Julia Prokhorenko
Project Coordinator
Manages continuous localization projects with short TAT. Mrs. Deadline. Knows how to train contractors to not be late even for 5 minutes.
Kamil Mustafin
Linguistic Lead
Mentor for all in-house translators. Understands what clients want from the translation, puts perfect teams together and deals with linguistic quality assessment.
Karolina Shelepova
Senior Project Coordinator
Deals with continuous localization projects from a major LSP. Can keep her cool even when all hell breaks loose. Master negotiator: will secure comfortable terms with any client.
Milena Milyaeva
Linguistic Lead
Knows IT and localization processes inside out: has worked as a Quality Control Specialist, Editor-translator and Tech Support.
Olga Simonova
Linguistic Lead
Doesn't like seeing anybody do unnecessary work. Will put any chaos in order. Makes life easier for managers and contractors alike.
Vladimir Lysyk
Head of Engineering Department
Supervises internal development of automatization tools. Able to understand how any localization software works and solve any CAT-related problem.
Yana Pukh
Project Coordinator
Works with big direct clients. Enjoys order and deliberate decisions. Planning guru: both contractors and clients get everything on time.
Nikita Maynagashev
Chief Technology Officer
Technology manager with a linguistic background and all-around knowledge of the industry from sales to production. Ensures that company retains its competitive edge and market position by employing technology to create added value for clients, increase revenues, and build new business models.